GGD Weekly Hit List: August 28th

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The top innovations in science and tech transforming our world this week

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The GGD Hit List is a weekly, curated list of top inventions in tech and science. For our very first edition, we rounded up innovations in health, culture, and green energy from the past week and a half. The GGD Hit List does not include general tech or business news. We strictly focus on listing items being invented or ground-breaking moments in science. Many discoveries or inventions are not picked up by mainstream outlets. Instead, they are found in academic journals or industry B2B publications. The GGD Hit List will always seek to feature ignored, but relevant tech innovations; as well as trending topics. Here are the top innovation headlines for this week:

1. Surgeons Complete the First Womb Transplant in the UK Successfully: The operation was completed after one woman donated her womb to her sister (who experienced infertility issues). The medical team has been authorized to carry out a total of 15 transplants, using wombs from deceased individuals or donations. So far, 100 womb transplants have been completed worldwide.

2. Google is Testing an AI ‘Life Coach’ Tool: Google plans to release an AI assistant that offers users life advice, acting as a “personal life coach.” Over 100 experts have been enlisted to test and evaluate the tool.

3. Brain Implant and AI Technology Allows Paralyzed Woman to Speak: For the the first time in 18 years, a paralyzed woman has been able to speak through ground-breaking work and research done at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF).

4. Scientists Invent Paint that can Reduce Electricity Costs: At Stanford University, Scientists have just created a multi-color set of paints and glazes that can be used on housing/building surfaces to save energy from heating and cost-sucking appliances like air-conditioners.

Do any of these innovations make you excited or worried? Let meknow in the comments below.

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